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PV Solutions

A full range of solar inverters from 1kW to 2.52MW are provided by Growatt, which meet the requirements of different solar panels and public grid. The inverters can perfectly work at high altitude, dusty, salty and hot & cold areas. Growatt provides well-designed, high quality on-grid solutions to ensure maximum value of solar power.

Smart Energy Solutions

For full informatization solutions with multiple-point information monitoring system and big-data platform, all the accessed devices would be smartly monitored, intellectual dispatched, efficiency analysis and energy-saving managed, will create economic and social benefits for clients.

Proven & Reliable Technology

More than 15,000 MW of the same inverter technology installed around the world.

Tuned for Any conditions

Sustaining varied climatic conditions as High temperature ~50+°C, High humidity, along the coast and extreme dust.

Higher Output Voltage

Higher Output voltage and AC current is less compared to competitors with similar power rating.

Futuristic Technology

Leading the world with the first megawatt-class solar hybrid technology brought to reality.

Value to the Investment

Our technology enables inverter to start producing power in the early and late hours of the day, adding value to the investment.

Modular Mounting System

Makes routine maintenance and servicing very quickly and ensures maximum uptime.